Solitaire T


from end of October 2022


From the first day the Solitaire T was developed with a single goal in mind:
To blur the distinctions between audiophile, working and travel headphones by making the values and convictions which are the hallmark of every T+A product accessible in almost every situation in life.


Their Transducer System is a completely new development, capable of reproducing the most subtle nuances in audiophile quality in active and passive mode alike, while the passive insulation on its own is sufficient to push the outside world into the background. When combined with active background noise suppression, which can be switched on as required, unwanted sounds disappear completely behind the music.

The Pearl-Blasted Aluminum components are machined from solid, and are much more than a design statement:

They are so robust and durable that they ensure the headphones will remain their owner’s companion for years. At the same time they emphasise in a subtle but distinctive manner the product’s close relationship with our Solitaire P reference headphones.

Like its physical design, the Solitaire T’s inputs are designed with one aspect in mind: versatility. The Solitaire T places no restrictions on its user, as they feature signal transfer via totally symmetrical passive and active analogue inputs as well as USB C and the very highest-quality wireless Bluetooth standards; the design maximises the potential of every imaginable music source.

Noise cancelation & Portability

Noise cancelation & Portability

To ensure that the Solitaire T is truly versatile in use, we have taken great pains in the suppression of background noise, which is outstanding in both active and passive modes: the headphones’ passive sound insulation alone effectively blocks out a great deal of unwanted mid-range and treble noise, while an extremely accurately calibrated active suppression system effectively eliminates the bass noise which cannot be damped by passive means.

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Design Materials

Like all T+A equipment the Solitaire T adheres to the tradition of our design language. This has evolved over a period of forty years, and its strength is its consistent simplicity. The carefully placed chamfers on headband and cups allow the Solitaire T to integrate effortlessly into the inimitable family of Solitaire headphones, while its new cup shape and two colours make their own entirely new contribution to the continuing development of the T+A design language. All the aluminium components are machined from solid material, and are pearl-blasted before being anodised.

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Wired Inputs
Tranducer & Sounds


Ear couplingaround-ear, closed
Driverselected, low tolerance dynamic drivers
Frequency response4 – 22,000 Hz
THD< 0.05 % (1 kHz / 94 dB)
Microphones2 communication microphones on the right,
2 ANC microphones on each side
Noise Cancellinghybrid

User Manual and Catalogue

Solitaire T